Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is a Sculpt that i did for a car Commercial...reproduction of Augustus in Vatican city

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010


Another oldie one and a fav one...the whole production of Immortal ad Vitam was a blast...this is a very particular one.Most Vehicle and Prop Designs were created by very talented Patrice Garcia and Renaud Garretta but long after The Design team had left we realized that we had to build a prop to hold the vehicles power supply for the cars...i designed this guy then modelled it ...what was supposed to be a Background secondary elemnet became a favorite of the surfacing and animation team...i was told that some animator even found time to animate this monster.
Design adn Modeling: Pierre SALAZAR Rendering: Julien LEVEUGLE


Another Angle.Notice the logo ¨Sailor¨on the back of the car...this used to be my Online gaming Nick name during crazy Quake deathmatches at the end of a heavy production day.Good old times !

another angle

oldie goodie

Your models are only as exciting as the design can be...this models despite being now 10 years old are still among my favorites.This is one of the many background Flying cars featured in ├»mmortal Ad Vitam.Enki Bilal Universe had this retrofuturistic flavor featuring 1950, 60 and 70 vehicles.This one was originally designed by Patrice Garcia who also designed vehicels for ¨ the Fifth Element¨.Modeled and rendered in good old Lightwave 3d.